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St Andrew's Church and Church Hall Hiring charges 




Regular bookings (once a month or more)           


Per hour

Irregular bookings


Per hour

Irregular bookings


Per hour










Breakages Deposit

A deposit of £50.00 is required for all irregular bookings. The deposit will be returned after the hire, with a reduction for any extra costs incurred in cleaning or tidying and in making good any loss or repairs.


All charges include cleaning, tidying, opening and locking up and additional heating/lighting in winter, but facilities must always be left in a clean and tidy condition by the hirer. All rubbish must be taken away – not put in the Hall wheelie bins.

Setting up/clearing up

Please note that, when you calculate the hire charge for the hall or church, the length of your booking must be from the time you arrive to the time you leave: this includes time for setting up and clearing up.

Rental periods

All rentals are in half hour blocks and the minimum period of rental is one hour. The maximum time charge per day is £100 in summer and £120 in winter.

Regular bookings

These are defined as ones that are not normally more than a calendar month apart, for example, fortnightly in term-time or ten or more bookings a year would be regular bookings.

Winter bookings

Winter rentals run from 1 October to 30 April - those that normally require heating.

Start and finish times

The church and hall are available for set-up from 8.30am for a 9.00am start. Facilities are not normally available after 11.00pm except by special arrangement.

Use of the church organ or piano

Charge for use of the church organ or piano is £20 per day, excluding weddings and funerals.

Church hiring

Hire of the Church may well require the presence of a verger at an additional cost of £30.


Payment for irregular booking must be made at the time of booking. Regular bookings will be paid monthly or termly in advance. No bookings will be accepted more than one term ahead.

Refunds for cancelled bookings

A full refund will be paid if four weeks’ notice is given, a half refund for two weeks’ notice.

Small meeting room

An additional small room adjacent to the main hall may be available. Rates negotiable.

Terms and conditions of hire      

Please review all Terms and Conditions before making a booking. 

NB Please see separate charges relating to fees for Weddings and Funerals.

Charges from 01/04/2015.